Save Energy|August 19, 2011 10:06 am

3 Quick Tips to Save Gas.

Often we can end up being slightly less frugal when using gas in the home, without even realising. Today’s blog will give you 3 quick tips to save gas and cut your bills.

1. Understand your gas boiler.
Take the time to the read how to use your boiler properly. Understanding timers and any eco modes available will save money all year round. Also make sure to not have the hot water at a too high setting, as this will most definitely lead to high bills.

2. Only use what you need.
When cooking with a gas hob, don’t leave the hob on a low setting when you don’t need it. Unlike electric hobs, gas hobs don’t need time to get to the right temperature. So ignite the ring, and stick the pan on straight away.

Note: We do advise igniting gas hobs without the pans placed on top. Having a pan placed on a hob’s ring whilst igniting actually blocks the air flow – resulting in poor initial combustion, which actually causes dangerous CO emissions.

3. Use a charcoal BBQ!
It’s apparently meant to be summer in the UK, so perhaps try to opt for a cheaper coal powered BBQ instead of a gas one. With the price of gas constantly rising, it’s becoming increasing expensive to purchase the LPG cylinders needed to power these types barbecues. And everyone loves that authentic chargrilled taste, right?

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