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PGS Plumbers Water Saving Week: Get Some Freebies!

Water companies across the country are doing their bit to encourage water saving and a few are giving away free devices to help save water in the home.

Thames Water, London’s main water supplier, have a wide selection of free water saving devices that they can send out to customers. So I’ve decided to run through what each one does.

1. Single setting showerhead

Having a single setting on your shower head will ensure that you know how much water is being used. The holes in the shower limit the water flow, ensuring you don’t use any excess water. This is the only chargeable item they do, as it costs £14.99. The shower is good, but tomorrow we’ll be showing you a super water saving shower!

2. Shower save

The shower save is a small valve that many of you reading this might have been sent for free last year by your water company. This valve, which is attached at the base of the shower hose, restricts the water flow to the shower – cutting the amount of water used. They are simple to fit but I wouldn’t really recommend them if you have insufficient water pressure, as they do noticeably cut the pressure.

3. Swivel tap aerator

This nifty device fits onto the end of your kitchen tap. It’ll spray water with a flow rate of 8litres per minute and even is directional. The device uses the best way to save water, which is by aerating it. Mixing air into the water can actually make the water flow seem more high pressured.

4. Wash basin tap inserts

Working similar to the swivel tap aerator, these set of inserts mix air into the water to cut water usage and create a more comfortable experience when washing your hands. Additional benefits include:

  • Up to 18 litres of water saves per day, per basin
  • Reduced detergent usage due to added aeration
  • Up to 60% reduction in water bills
  • Anti-liming plastics ensure ease of cleaning

5. Shower Timer
As the name suggests, this is a timer used for making sure you don’t spend too much time in the shower. It’ll give you 4 minutes to get washed and beyond that you’ll be wasting water!

6. Save-a-Flush
We blogged about installing a Save-a-flush device this time last year. You can read it here. This device expands when placed in your toilet cistern, cutting the amount of water needed to fill up the tank. It’s really easy to install and is quite effective on toilet cisterns installed between 1993 and 1999.

7. Hippo Bag
Similar to a Save-a-flush, a Hippo bag is designed for old toilet cisterns. It’s simply a bag that fits into your toilet cistern and fills up with water – preventing all the water being flushed out of the cistern. This is a cheap way of saving water on those incredibly inefficient old toilet cisterns.

8. Water Gel
Designed to be added to plant pots and hanging baskets, Water Gel can cut the amount you need to water your plants by up to 4 times. The gel preserves the water from evaporation, making sure the soil stays moist for longer.

9. Hose Trigger Gun
This is quite a common hose attachment for most gardeners. It prevents water coming out of the hose when not needed. Also, the nozzles in the hose head  restrict the water flow – whilst increasing the surface area covered. This means you’ll be watering your garden with maximum water saving efficiency!

You can order any of the above at the Thames Water website.

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