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Fan Assisted Radiators

Heating manufacturers are always looking for new and efficient ways to heat properties, using the least amount of energy possible. One of the newer, but much overlooked, methods is by installing radiators that have built in fans to help either circulate the hot air or even cool down a room.

To reach room temperature, the SmartRad uses an impressive 70% less energy.

The Dimplex SmartRad is mainly optimised for use with an air or ground source heat pump, however it can use be used with a standard condensing boiler.

This fascinating radiator is only a third of a standard radiator in size, yet kicks out the same amount of heat using 5% of the amount of water a normal radiator would need and 30 times less energy.

It also gets to full temperature in less than 1 minute, which is a huge improvement over the circa 15minutes that a standard radiator would need.

The basic SmartRad model costs around £270

To reach room temperature, the SmartRad uses an impressive 70% less energy.

To maintain a solid temperature the SmartRad has a built in thermostat, which controls the fan speed to ensure a constant heat throughout the room.

That’s not all, in the Summer months the SmartRad can just use its fan to help circulate and cool the air. According to the Dimplex website, the SmartRad uses 70% less energy than an air conditioning unit to cool a room from 21c to 10c.

The basic SmartRad model costs around £270, which in comparison to a standard radiator is a lot. However, the savings over time will be vast. For more information visit the Dimplex website or watch the following video:


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