Renewable Energy|February 22, 2012 11:44 am

Worlds biggest wind farm opens!

The world’s largest offshore wind farm has been opened – and it’s British!

The Walney windfarm spans over 73 km^2 and consists of 102 turbines. Split into two sections, the total power capacity of the windfarm is 370MW – enough to power 320,000 homes!

The windfarm is locatedĀ 15km off Walney Island, Cumbria and will be used to feed green energy into the grid.

The UK is one of the most ambitions countries when it comes to offshore wind farms, with the government potentially aiming for as much as 18GW of power to be supplied by wind farms by the year 2020.

As expected, there is a fair deal of controversy surrounding wind power – mainly down to the relatively unpredictable nature of their overall performance. Have an opinion on wind energy? Leave a comment below…

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