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2012 Hosepipe Ban

The hosepipe ban is normally imposed when water reserves are getting low and from April 5th 2012 Thames water deemed the need for a ban to be put in place. So how does this affect you? This blog post will explain…

As the name of the ban suggests, this is a restriction to prevent people from using hoses for basically anything. This includes watering your garden with a hose pipe, cleaning a private car or bike, filling a private pool or pond or cleaning any part of your domestic property.

For all private and domestic needs, the hose pipe ban is in place, but there are exceptions…

Cleaning private motors that will be used for business is allowed. Also, cleaning walls and pathways with a hose for health and safety reasons is allowed.

On top of that, if you’re a Blue Badge holder who suffers from severe mobility problems then you’re free to water your garden as you please.

The ban is set to last all Summer, and we’ll update you when it’s lifted. The above conditions of this year’s hosepipe restrictions are applicable to Thames water customers only. Each water supplier will have their own restrictions, however this year there is a £1000 fine for anyone who violates the rules. 

You need to still water your plants though, right?

We need to look at alternative ways then. We can’t use hoses or sprinklers so what can we use? The answer: watering cans.

Using a watering can takes more effort but uses much less water. Attaching the sprinkler head to the watering will make the whole process and save even more water.

Watering cans are often fairly hard to use for hanging baskets or plants in awkward places. A great alternative would be to use a pressurised sprayer.

These devices are perfect for watering most types of plants without wasting water. Hozelock make excellent ones – they consist of a water tank with a pump you use to increase the water pressure. This is connected to a pipe and nozzle, which can be adjusted from a jet sense to a mist.

Using one of these Hozelock sprayers is probably the best way to get a hose pipe style experience. They’ll last for years and will cut down your water consumption – what more could you ask for?

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