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What is an electricity smart meter?

Our Electricians are always trying to encourage our customers to save electricity and cut their bills. There are many ways of doing so – such as switching off electrical appliances and making sure energy saving lightbulbs are installed throughout the home.¬†However, what’s hard to monitor is the actual amount of electricity that the property is using.

If this information was more readily available then we’d have a much better chance of cutting our usage – which means a reduced carbon footprint and electricity bill! With an energy monitor, it is – we’ll be writing about this in wednesday’s blog.

In order for any immediate savings to take place, you really need to submit regular electricity meter readings, which can be easily forgotten. Now there is a solution to this, an electricity smart meter.

What is an Electricity smart meter?

An electricity smart meter is a replacement to your current electricity meter. It uses wireless technology to communicate directly with your electricity supplier and gives much more accurate meter readings on its own accord, without any need for you to submit a reading or for an engineer to come and take a reading.

It’s still very early days for smart meters but the potential for them is vast.

As the meter readings will be accurate and regular, there is the potential for energy suppliers to create bespoke electricity tariffs based upon your exact usage.

When can I expect to get an electricity smart meter?

Within the next few years. It’s a part of the governments targets to have an electricity smart meter installed in every home in the UK by 2020, so you might have a bit of a wait on your hands. It’s still in the planning phase for a lot of suppliers, as many are deciding on what transmission method to use. First Utility have opted for a Sim card approach, similar to mobile phones – however other suppliers are looking into Radio Frequency technologies to receive the data.

We’ll keep you updated on smart meters as more information becomes available. In the mean time, have a read of ways in which you can save electricity.

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