Heating|May 23, 2012 12:03 pm

An Oil tank that thinks for itself!

If you’re in a rural area then the chances are that you’ll be using an Oil boiler for your hot water needs. However, with rising costs of oil, these are turning into quite expensive things to run for the average home owner.

Let us introduce Harlequin’s I-Tank!

Harlequin are known for their vast range of storage tanks, but at the forefront of their range is the I-Tank.

This ingenius oil storage tank has a built in monitor to detect the levels of oil within the tank, so you’ll know exactly when you need to replenish supplies – but that’s not it…

The tank will also use an onboard computer to calculate your daily oil spend.

Information from the tank is displayed on a digital read out via a separate monitor called the I-Track. This monitor has the ability to tell you the average spend per day, week, month or year, CO2 emissions, internal temperature and storage temperature. Pretty nifty for an oil tank accessory!

This tank and monitor are great news for people trying to save money on their oil consumption. As the computer can calculate such accurate readings (it’s based on 200 measurements of your oil supply a day), your usage data will be very precise. There won’t be any guess work as to how much oil you’re using per day (or how much you have left), so you can carefully adjust your living habits to reduce your spend when needed.

For more information, visit the Harlequin website.

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