Drains|June 8, 2012 10:26 am

Over 3billion litres of water lost each day

It’s recently come to light that UK water companies are losing a massive amount of water each day due to water leaks. Approximately 3billion (yes, billion!) litres a day are lost through water leaks.

However, despite there being a hosepipe ban and an apparent drought in southern and central england – some companies will not have to cut their leakage until at least 2015.

Data gathered by Ofwat, the regulator of water and sewage companies in the UK, indicates that water companies total leakage hasn’t pointed to any general decline since the privatisation of them in 1989.

The problem lies in the financing of it all. The repair work on broken pipes actually costs more than the value of the water itself, so financially speaking it’s actually better for the water company to neglect the leaks. This of course isn’t great in the long run, but to see any kind of proper decrease in the amount of water lost through leaks water companies would have to increase bills quite a lot.

The average water bill is now £376 per annum, a rate which has risen by £64 since 2001.

So unfortunately, it doesn’t look like much will be done in the near future. The only targets to cut leaks currently in place will reduce  the amount of water lost by 1.5% by 2015 and unfortunately, that’s all for now.

Water leaks cause a lot of disruption, especially in the busy streets of London. They are mainly caused by old pipe works simply degrading over time. Unfortunately, some leaks often go quite a while without being repaired. However, if you have noticed a leak then do your bit and report it straight away.

The number to call for all London water leaks is: 0800 714 614

How do you feel about the amount of water lost each day? Leave a comment below and tell us.

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