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Dyson Air Multiplier

Today we’re featuring an electrical appliance that’s causing quite a stir in the gadget world, as it’s an ideal addition to your home to help save money.

As the Summers get warmer, we’re constantly looking for new ways to cool our homes – but the route of air conditioning for properties in the UK is still classed rather as a luxury. This is mainly due to the cost of installation, maintenance and general running costs.

Free standing or table top fans are seen as cheap alternatives – but the air flow isn’t really constant and they’re not overly energy efficient.

So Dyson, in their typical inventive nature, have re-invented the fan!

The Dyson Air Multiplier comes in desktop and free standing models and is the first fan to have no blades!

How does it work then?

Firstly, the air is drawn into the base of the fan – up to 33 litres of air per second to be exact.

Using clever aerodynamics, the air is then accelerated as it passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp. This also channels its direction.

Then the air is from behind the fan is drawn into the air flow – this is a process called inducement. Air around the machine is also sucked in and amplified by up to 18 times, in a process called entrainment.

So Dyson, in their typical inventive nature, have re-invented the fan!

All these processes of accelerating air creates a consistent flow of air, similar to that of a natural breeze. Traditional fans send out chopped up blocks of air, that can often feel uncomfortable.

This is a pretty ingenius invention! Although at circa £250 they are quite pricey, but could be seen as an incredibly energy efficient alterative to air conditioning within the home.

Want more info? Watch the following video:


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