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Fun Bird Deterrents

The other week I got attacked by a seagull. It swooped down from behind me and pecked a southern fried chicken wrap straight out of my hand. My lunch was gone and I was slightly traumatised, but it got me thinking. Everyone knows of the normal sonic bird deterrents, or spikes that are placed on ledges to prevent birds from landing in that area, but are there any deterrents that are equally as extraordinary as a seagull pecking a fried chicken wrap straight from my hands?

The answer: Most definitely.


This balloon shaped bird scarer is, when fully inflated, around 16 inches in width. It hangs from trees and is used to scare off flocks of unwanted birds. It works with its bright colours and large eye-shaped graphic, which apparently mimics the glaring eyes and gaping mouth of a deadly predator. To a human, it looks like a strange cyclops-esque football.

Beware of the floating Scare Eye!


Hawks are something that really scare other birds. The Wimbledon tennis tournament has its own Hawk that scares off pigeons from the tennis courts, but as this obviously isn’t something that property owners can practically afford let me introduce the cheaper option…

This lady is definitely not going to be attacked by a Seagull, thanks to her Helikite!


This is a kite with a helium balloon attached to it. It’s designed to float in a relatively constant position above your land or property, to mimic the hovering motions that a bird of prey acts out when hunting for food.

Flying at heights of up to 200 meters, this is a great long term solution to effectively reducing the number of birds, especially over wide areas such as landfill sites.

However, if you’re looking for a more stationary positioned option, which can be mounted on any flat surface, then you should look at this next solar powered device…



With the appearance similar to an upturned propeller, this device harnesses the Sun’s power to rid your garden, boat or patio from nuisance airborne vermin. The way it works is to spin a metal propeller – often fitted with shiny tassels – continuously to both scare birds away and prevent them from landing on any given area.

This device is perfect for patios, shed roofs and even boats – including on top of their radar systems.

Watch a video of the bird repeller in action!

Permission to land – DENIED!

Next up: Woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers can be annoying in places where wooden houses are common as they try to bore nesting holes into the wood. So what better way to get rid of them than something like a giant battery operated spider?!


This sound activated tarantula look-a-like drops down on an 18 inch string, which you attach to anywhere that a woodpecker is likely to start building a nest.

Once a pecking sound is detected, the spider will quickly make its descent from its fixed position. This scares off the woodpecker and shows who’s boss.

Petrifying! It can also double up as a great trick-or-treat deterrent on Halloween.

Finally, the most extreme option…

In this article we’ve gathered that the best way to get rid of birds is to make them think the area is occupied by a predator. If that’s the case, why not stick the most extreme predators in your garden?


For the most ridiculous form of bird prevention – and also to look super-cool to your friends – think about installing a 3D Coyote on your lawn, a fake crocodile’s head (the Gator Guard) in your pond and a rubber snake (Scarecrow Snake) in your plant bed. Yes, these are actual bird deterrents.

It will look incredible. Trust us.







Thanks to for the images. For more serious ways of getting rid of birds, visit our Pest Control website.

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