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You’ve been warned! An explanation of Gas Safe warning label

You’ve just had your Gas Safe inspection and the gas engineer or plumber has deemed your gas appliance to be dangerous. As a result they’ve stuck a warning label onto the appliance and (in most cases) disconnected it from the gas supply.

This blog article explains that Gas Safe warning label, as often people aren’t too sure what it exactly means.

Your Gas Safe registered engineer will have to grade the risk of your appliance and class it into one of three ‘defect’ categories. This will be displayed clearly on the sticker attached to the gas appliance.

Here are the categories…

At Risk

This is the most common category. It indicates that the appliance poses a potential or current threat to life and/or property. The gas running into the appliance will be shut off, with your consent.

Not to current standards

For the sake of everyone’s safety – Gas Safe regulations are constantly evolving. This ensures that safety standards are kept high and it’s much harder for shady engineers to cut corners.

The “Not to current standards” label indicates that, even though the installation may be safe, it doesn’t meet current Gas Safe standards. We always advise to update installations so they always comply, but the cost involved in this can often be far too high.

Concern for Safety

If you have detected the smell of gas in your property you are most likely going to call the emergency gas number to get an engineer out quickly (if you’re wondering, the number is 0800 111 999).

Emergency gas engineers don’t actually fix the problem. They will just isolate the leak from the gas supply, so there is no longer a direct threat and will ensure the leak is stopped. The emergency gas engineer will then place a Concern for Safety sticker onto the appliance and it’s up to you to call your local Gas Safe engineer to come and fix it.

The concern for safety sticker is only really used by Gas engineers who can’t carry out work as a Gas Safe registered engineer. If this is placed on any of your applianced, then you should go to the Gas Safe register website and find your local engineer who will be able to fix the problem for you.

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