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August gardening tips

In late June we wrote some gardening tips to get you through July, and now we’re in August it’s time to update you on what’s best to be doing this month in your garden.

So here are 3 tasks for you to carry out over the period of the next few weeks.

Get planting

For flowers that go into bloom around Winter and Springtime, now is the time to plant the bulbs. So clear away any dying plants and plant your bulbs.

Remember to keep in mind where you planted them. In the winter months the ground might be prone to freezing, so it might be worth looking into some frost prevention. We’ll write about these in the future, but for now – just keep a note of what is planted where, especially if you have a big garden.


As we’ve had quite a lot of rain over July, you might have noticed your grass growing a lot quicker. To keep your lawn in good shape, make sure to cut the grass to a reasonable length. Around 1 and a half inches is the ideal length for most people. Just make sure not to cut it under 1 inch, as that will be too short.

Time to prune

A lot of early summer flowering plants will have started to fade by now. So it’s time to cut them back.

Along with the typical trimming of hedges and topiary, it’s a good time to cut down spent raspberry canes and prune any rouge rose shoots that might be coming through after flowing.

Also, plants such as┬álavender might be looking a bit tatty as they’ve already flowered. Use a pair of shears and cut them back to enable them to grow back again.

Bonus tip:

Remember, August is the start of Harvest season. So start checking all your edibles such as Apples, Pears and vegetables with the aim to potentially start harvesting them.


Enjoy your garden!

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