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Best domestic gas combi boilers of 2012

It’s the time of year again where we look at the best selling boilers over the past 12 months. As we install well over 1000 boilers each year, we tend to see trends as to what boiler people are deciding to buy for their homes. There are of course the manufacturers such as Vaillant and Worcester-Bosch that will always be popular, mainly due to the reliability and ultimately their marketing within the UK, but there are a few lesser known brands that are creeping up in popularity.

So let’s get to it, here are the best combi boilers of 2012 along with average prices*:

Vaillant ecoTEC plus

With a sightly updated sleeker looking design for 2012, the Vaillant ecoTEC plus combi boiler is still a firm favourite of both our engineers and customers. The models have maximum outputs ranging from 19kw to 28kw, meaning that there is an ecoTEC boiler for nearly all small to medium properties.

Average prices for Vaillant ecoTEC plus boilers including VAT:

  • ecoTEC plus 824: £945
  • ecoTEC plus 831: £1050
  • ecoTEC plus 837: £1175
  • ecoTEC plus 937: £1315


Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 24i Junior

Still a firm favourite – and rightly so. This boiler is extremely common in new builds and properties that have had new boilers fitted, mainly due to the balance between cost of the boiler, parts and ease of installation that Worcester-Bosch manage to achieve.

This is a very high selling boiler and parts are easy to source. Worcester-Bosch have also engineered the boiler so you can perform basic maintenance yourself, such as re-pressurising the boiler.

The 24i Junior, as the name suggests, has a maximum output of 24kw. There is also the 28i Junior, which boasts a maximum output of 24kw (despite what the name suggests) but features an increased flow rate of 11.4litres per minute, with the 24i boasting a 9.8litre flow rate.

Prices for Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Junior boilers including VAT:

  • Greenstar 24i Junior: £745
  • Greenstar 28i Junior: £815


Ideal Logic+

This is the first time we’ve featured this boiler, but over the past year it’s proven to be a very popular choice. This is mainly down to the impressive “magnificent 7″ warranty scheme that Ideal are offering.

This warranty lasts for an impressive 7 years on parts and labour. It means that if something goes mechanically wrong on the boiler, which is a direct result of a manufacturing defect, then you’re covered. Many installers are now saying that these boilers are increasing in reliability and coming in at around £785 inc vat for their mid-range model – you can’t go wrong!

Prices for Ideal Logic+ boilers inc VAT:

  • Logic+  HE24: £700
  • Logic+  HE30: £785
  • Logic+  HE35: £885


Glow-worm Ultracom 2 CXI

Availble in 24kW, 30kW and 35kW models, the Glow-Worm Ultracom2 CXI is an excellent mid-range boiler that looks towards energy efficiency in the home.

Glow-worm make upper-mid range boilers than are slightly easier on the wallet, but don’t lack in quality or style. What we at PGS Services love best about Glow-worm is the amount of development they’re putting into making affordable central heating and hot water systems that are environmentally conscious.

The Ultracom2 CXI is fully compatible with the Climapro2 RF controller. This hand held remote controller gives you incredible temperature control over your home when your heating comes on and how hot your home will be at each part of the day.

Structuring the heating of your home like this is an excellent way to save money on your heating bills, as it means you can continue to automatically heat your property at low temperatures then increase the temperature when you need it most.

Prices of Glow-worm Ultracom2 CXI boilers including VAT:

  • Glow-worm Ultracom2 24 CXI: £775
  • Glow-worm Ultracom2 30 CXI: £875
  • Glow-worm Ultracom2 35 CXI: £1040


There are of course a lot more fantastic boilers out there to choose from and often it will be best to consult your Gas Safe plumber prior to purchasing.

Make sure to remember that any companies offering extended warranties will in most cases require a manufacturer certified engineer to install the boiler in order for the warrantee to be valid. Please contact your prospective boiler manufacturer for more information.

*Please note that the boiler prices on this article reflect average prices from public retailers at the time of writing and may be different from how much PGS Services charge. Please call: 0800 043 5911 for more information on these boilers and boiler installation.

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