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Do you have Woolly Bears?

Woolly Bears are a nick name for the larvae of Carpet Beetles. These are small beetles that, when in the larval stages, feed on natural fibres. This causes damage to the fabrics they’ve been feeding on and are often a job for pest controllers to exterminate.

What do they look like?

When in the larval stage, they look like small brown hairy¬†caterpillars and this is where they get their nickname of Woolly Bears. When they turn into adults they don’t actually cause any harm to fabrics. They fly out to the outside world, feed on pollen and search for new places to lay their eggs. However, when they’re Woolly Bears they will feed on your fabrics, causing a fair deal of damage.

Woolly Bears stay in their laval form for around 10 months and can survive the Winter. In their adult stages they will only live for around 2 – 6 weeks.

A carpet beetle in the larval stage, AKA a Woolly Bear.


Where can they be found?

The larvae can most often be found in dark places, where they can’t be disturbed. Under large pieces of furniture is a common spot to find them.

They will be feeling on nature fiber Рso wool carpets and even wool and synthetic mixture fabrics. They will not feed on purely synthetic fabrics though.

How to get rid of them?

Unfortunately getting rid of Woolly Bears isn’t that simple. You need to obviously have the current larvae removed – but also have traps to catch any new carpet bugs from laying new eggs.

You can treat infestations yourself with off the shelf chemicals, but you do run the risk of damaging your carpets so in most cases it will be best to contact a pest control technician for the expert remove of these pests.

If you can Carpet Beetles or Woolly Bears in your property, then get in contact with our Pest Control team.

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